Table 17 “Finlays, Harrisons, White and the Three Mysteries”


A table yet to be fully identified. Four members originate in the Welsh business network: we have the widow of a Welsh engineer, Mrs J.B. Finlay, 55, and her 19 year old daughter Miss Margaret Finlay – a family probably quite close to Margaret Rhondda’s, and we have the Battersea born Albert Edward Harrison, 48, experienced in the newspaper businesses of Wales who by now may well be the general manager of Time and Tide, also accompanied by his young (23 year old) daughter Miss Gwen Harrison. Young Margaret Finlay three years later married the Deputy Medical Officer for Health for Monmouthshire, whilst Gwendolen Rhoda Harrison was a young school teacher.

They are joined by Mrs Jessie White, 67, a headmistress and leading specialist in and pioneer of the Montessori method. Perhaps there is a connection between the young teacher and the headmistress.

The remaining three guests are unclear: Miss Phyllis Crossley, Miss Marian Hodson, and Mr W.B. Valentine. We have some possibilities but need to know much more.

The most obvious logic for this table is one bringing two families of Lady Rhondda’s business network together. If Harrison is already Time and Tide general manager then this may be “his table” (he took over that role for Mrs A.M. Mortimer, Table 19 in 1933). There may be connections with the mystery guests.

puzzle-piece2-50can you help identify our mystery guests? Miss Phyllis Crossley, Miss Marian Hodson, and Mr W.B. Valentine.