Miss Phyllis Crossley

no-picture-square3Miss Phyllis Crossley is a former mystery guest who we now believe was a student at King’s College for Women, London, and who would graduate in 1935.[1] The logic is surely unbeatable insofar as in 1934 Miss Marian Hodson on this table would graduate from King’s as well. Perhaps they were invited by student Miss Gwendolen Harrison, attending with her father who is about to become T&T’s general manager. 

Recent research suggests she may have been the Phyllis Crossley, born 23.11.1913, a school teacher in Penzance in 1939, who marries Penzance born Leslie A. Roberts, a cashier, on 7th June 1946, she being stated to be “of Blackpool” in the wedding notice – coincidently where Marian Hodson may have been teaching in 1939 (also born November 1913).  This Phyllis died in Worthing in mid 1997.  A possible picture may be emerging

puzzle-piece2-50Can you tell us more about Miss Phyllis Crossley? 


Perhaps seated with her fellow Kings student Marian Hodson and maybe they were both seated with, or very close to Gwen Harrison (who may perhaps have been seated alongside her father.)  The students may have enjoyed the company and wisdom of Jessie White -and we don’t know anything yet about mystery guest Mr. W.B. Valentine.


Enjoying the big event?


A student at King’s College for Women,  London, perhaps in her first year? 


In 1935 Phyllis Crossley gained her BA from King’s College for Women, University of London. In her final year, 1935 (but not the years before) she was on the Electoral Register (which suggests she turned 21 in 1934/35, so born in about 1913?) at 54/58 Queensborough Terrace in Bayswater (one of 25 women) which was the King’s College Hostel for Women (it opened in 1921 at No. 58 and eventually ran from 54 to 58).  In 1935 she was one of six King’s graduates from her year at the Hostel (she was one of at least 112 women graduating from King’s that year). In 1936 she was living at 11 and 19-24 Cartwright Gardens, St Pancras, (one of 65 women), presumably having had to move from the college’s Bayswater accommodation after graduation. 



[1] University of London Graduates 1935

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