Table 7 “Theodora’s Table”


A high octane table of four with a lot ahead of them: Theodora Bosanquet, 52, Henry James’s amanuensis, a Time and Tide contributor who is about to embark on her lifelong partnership with Lady Rhondda (whether she knows it or not), has dinner with another lady she also finds attractive, the physicist Tess Dillon, 36, (one of 3 high powered sisters), and Tess’s mother,Theresa Dillon, 66, “supermum”, and Myra Curtis, 56, a high flying civil servant running the post office savings bank, later Dame Myra and future Principal of Newnham. No flies on this lot, still with much ahead. Passion, partnerships and physics at the post office.

I would assume this was Theodora’s table, inviting Tess and her mother, Theresa, and high-flying Myra.