Table 8 “Kate’s Press Salon”


Table 8 was allocated to the Press, with only one named guest, Miss Isitt, 56, known as Kate or “Miss E”, or Miss Evelyn Isitt, a New Zealand born journalist and writer who moved to the UK in 1910 and worked at the Manchester Guardian, part of the paper’s London Editorial, Financial and Wire Room – “well connected and holding an influential position in a male dominated world”. A campaigning writer, supporting amongst other causes suffrage and the welfare of demobilised soldiers. Perhaps not surprisingly the most detailed press report of the dinner was published in Kate’s newspaper on the 24th March, as well as a shorter report in The Times and a report with a photograph in the Berry brothers’ Western Mail. Though the Manchester Guardian report did not have a named byline, being from “our London Staff” we can assume it was written or at least well informed by Kate. The Telegraph was well represented at the dinner by the indomitable Mrs Peacocke, and we shouldn’t forget James Drawbell, Editor-in-Chief of the Sunday Chronicle, or Edith Shackleton of the Evening Standard.  Indeed the “White Press” (supporters of the suffrage cause) should be out in force. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rev. J.T. Rhys had reported back to Wales too.