Table 2 “The Working Group”


This table of four still requires more clarity. We know there are two tireless workers: Miss Florence Barry, 37, a “tireless” worker for a Catholic feminist group; and Dr Josephine Collier, 39, author of “The Girl in Industry”, a fearless Catholic aural surgeon, not too long after this dinner going off to Spain to offer support in the Civil War (and later to Italy in WW2). Either of them could have been a possible “convenor” of this group, though perhaps Florence, the professional networker, may be the favourite.

However we cannot be so sure of the identity of the other two guests:

puzzle-piece2-50 First the one man on the table, Thomas Cole, 63, may well be a Welsh building contractor, treasurer of the Neath Conservative Association and Councillor and Mayor of Neath. But we cannot be sure even though we have no alternative candidates.

puzzle-piece2-50 And the fourth member’s dining rights also could be challenged if another Mrs H.M. Ewart emerges, but our strongest plausible candidate is Mrs Hilda Mary Ewart, 60, a draper from the Bermondsey family business of W.H. Hobbs, sometimes travelling to Australia and to the US seeking supplies, as well as bringing up her daughter after being deserted by her financially inept banker’s clerk of a husband.

She does seem a bit of a long shot. The role of women in work and business could well have been a common subject of discussion amongst all four guests but still some puzzles to solve.