Table 15 “Tom’s Table”


A contrasting group, not all identified, with various possibilities. First, Tom Callaghan, 73, a senior member of the Rhondda business empire (board member of GKN), and his guest (suggesting he is the main host/convenor of the table). In contrast, but also from South Wales, Gwendolen Davies, 51, a music loving philanthropist who with her sister did her bit with the Red Cross in the war and then sought to make their Welsh home Gregynog an arts and crafts centre. At the time of the dinner the sisters were about to run their first full music festival at Gregynog – it is still running today. Then three possibly interconnected people. Mrs Arnold or Jessie Lupton, 73, widowed in 1930, an active campaigner in support of her husband’s Liberal career and other causes (including anti-animal vivisection), may well have known Tom Callaghan given that her late husband Arnold was heavily involved in mining and coal. She also may connect with the Marshalls on the table: another member of the Lupton family was a sponsor of a London private school for girls where possibly the still somewhat uncertain Florence Marshall at the table who later became the head of the school. Frank Marshall is almost still a complete mystery.  Perhaps he is related to Florence? But neither Marshall is certain. It is my hunch that the clues to the Marshalls will be via Mrs. Lupton (see ideas on her page).

They may have conversed about the state of the Welsh economy – not least the ongoing discussion that very day to avoid a widespread coal strike, they may have discussed futures arts programmes looking for sponsors. A contrast of interests.

puzzle-piece2-50Can you help identify Miss Florence and Mr Frank Marshall?