Mr Frank Marshall

mystery-guestMr Frank Marshall An unknown quantity at the moment.  Possibly a relation of Florence, though so far we haven’t found a Frank related to a Florence that works.  And Florence is uncertain too. Florence Elsie Marshall’s father was Frederick, a coach painter, which possibly could have been shortened to Frank (though Frank is really short for Francis). Perhaps he was another business contact of T J Callaghan? and in that case Florence might be Frank’s sister or daughter, invited to the party as other Welsh industrialists have done this evening.

Daffyd Johnston of the National Library of Wales has suggested the possible candidature of American chess player Frank Marshall, who was in Folkestone for the 5th Chess Olympiad in June/July1933 (where he led the US to victory).  Time and Tide did have a regular chess column, but not at this point. Not to be ruled out.

As a longish shot, Frank Shaw Marshall, later a Liberal MP, born in Wakefield, near Leeds, was 17 at this time, showing promise at school in Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, later went on to Cambridge, was an articled solicitor’s clerk in 1939 and perhaps a possible protégé of Mrs Lupton.  There were quite a few Marshalls in the Leeds district.

I have identified one Francis Edward, known as Frank, Marshall who was probably known to her, but he would have been 86 in 1933. The link is described on Mrs. Lupton‘s page, based on a wedding she and he attended in 1905.

puzzle-piece2-50 A mystery guest of the first order. Can you help? He may or may not be connected with Miss Florence Marshall, also somewhat mysterious. Or a business contact of Tom Callaghan, who we surmise is the primary table host. The idea of Mrs Lupton bringing along two young protégés is tempting, and they don’t have to be related.


Can you tell us more?

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