Navigation Hints

The Dinner Puzzle has a simple structure but it is easy to get lost amongst 130 people.  It is arranged by table and people ordered alphabetically, the headline names as written on the original Guest List.  The opening TABLE SUMMARY PAGE gives you an overview of who is on that table and suggests who we think was probably the organiser of the table.  Click on the list of names and you will be taken to the TABLE PICTURE PAGE which shows the pictures of all those on the table.  Click on a picture and you will be taken to the person’s page.  Wherever you see someone’s name on the website, you can reach that person by clicking on the name.  

Using the arrows at the bottom of the person’s page you can SWIPE LEFT to go to the next person on the table alphabetically in the table, and eventually to the next table, or SWIPE RIGHT to the previous person on the table and eventually to the previous table.  Or navigate through the TABLE SUMMARY PAGE, the TABLE PICTURE PAGE or the MAIN MENU.

The Person’s Page Structure

A person’s page begins with their picture (where we have one) and a short summary of who they are. Then we muse over how they might have been seated, to help tease out the relationships on the table.  And then we suggest what might have been on their mind at that time in early 1933.  These sections are perhaps the best places to have some fun and contribute new perspectives on these people, their relationships and the network.

The essay on each person then provides a summary of their life up to the time of the dinner to give a sense of who they are and how they might have been regarded at the time.  Some will have almost completed their life’s work at this point, some still had almost everything to play for. 

Finally we provide a synthesis of what they did after the dinner until they departed this mortal coil.  Many of course still live on in their reputations and we hope this puzzle can contribute more to that.   

At the top right of each person’s page you will see some TAGS we have added: click on these tags to see who else was at the dinner with that tag.  Or you can SEARCH the whole website through the search buttons at the bottom of the main menu pages and the Table pages to explore common themes of interest to you. Do let us know if you can see other themes running through the pages which would make a useful tag.

At the bottom of any person’s page, click on THIS WAY TO TABLE X to get you to the TABLE SUMMARY PAGE of names.