Miss Marian Hodson

mystery-guestMiss Marian Hodson is one of the three mystery guests on this table: In 1935 a Marian Hodson was living with many other women at 30/34 Warrington Crescent, Maida Vale? In 1938 No. 34 was a College Hostel, advertising for service staff in the Western Morning News on 5th January 1938.

On 17th January 1900 this college was part of the St Mary’s College, Paddington, which was also at 122-124 St James Terrace, Harrow Road. It was advertised thus in the London Evening Standard:

ST. MARY’S COLLEGE, PADDINGTON, W. 122 and 124. St. James’s-terrace. Harrow-road, W 5, Clifton Gardens. Also 32 and 34, Warrington Crescent SECONDARY TRAINING COLLEGE and Church High School with Kindergarten and Boarding Houses Conducted by the sisters of ST. MARY THE VIRGIN. WANTAGE. under the recognition of the Training Syndicate of the University of Cambridge. Recognised also by the Oxford Training Delegacy as Practising School for their Students. Recognised by the Technical Education Board of the London County Council, and by the National Union for the Technical Education of Women in Domestic Sciences. Re-opens 20th January.

Could Miss Marian Hodson be a young BA student, born on 11th November 1913, in the 1939 census living at home in Blackpool and teaching. A long shot. Perhaps the same Marian H as above, or different. A Marian Hodson graduated from Kings, London , BA, in 1934.

Or a relation of James Lansdale Hodson the journalist? – though not his daughter as his children were born in 1919 – 1924

The party on this table may well have been invited by student Miss Gwendolen Harrison, attending with her father Albert who is about to become Time and Tide’s general manager – so bringing her colleagues and friends. Or Mrs Jessie White, retired head teacher, might have invited some students to meet the illustrious party.

puzzle-piece2-50Can you help us identify the three mystery guests on this table, Miss Marian Hodson, Miss Phyllis Crossley, or Mr W. B. Valentine


Too early to say


Too early to say


A student in London?


Too early to say


Can you tell us more?

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