Mr Arthur E.W. Marshall

Arthur Marshall in 1937[1]
Arthur Edward Willoughby Marshall, 62, (1870-1954) was a lawyer who supported the suffrage movement and appeared on behalf of many suffragettes and suffragists. He was married to Catherine – “Kitty”- Marshall, a particularly active suffragette who did her own time behind bars and led Mrs Pankhurst’s Bodyguard. A suffragette power couple you might say.[2]

Seated Beside

Possibly his “jutitsu” wife Kitty, enjoying the evening together, and perhaps getting to know Time and Tide‘s modest poet Joy Scovell, a little better. He may also know fellow suffragist Dorothy Auld well.  He may also know Mrs Gertrude Roberts if she was also a suffragist as we think may be the case. And we know nothing of the possible “guest of Miss Auld” keeping them company.  As for other tables, probably opportunities for general debate around the table.

What’s on his mind

Though possibly close to retiring from the active fray – he and Kitty had moved to the countryside the previous year – as a lawyer he may well be thinking about the legal battles still to come.  Probably looking forward to a lively evening.


Arthur Edward Willoughby Marshall was born in Carlisle on 14th July 1870, the eleventh and youngest child of the Liverpool-born Selina Malins (26.7.1832 – 13.1.1913), a governess, and her husband the Irish-born vicar of St Cuthbert’s, Botchergate, Carlisle, Benjamin A. Marshall (1804 – 1874) – who died when Arthur was 3.

In 1891 Arthur was living at 25 Sterndale Road, Hammersmith, a soliciting clerk, with his mother and two of his sisters, Florence and Emma, and in 1901 at the same address, with his mother, his married sister Edith Hopkins and with his brother Evelyn. [Though he did have a sister Florence, she would not be the Miss Florence Marshall on Table 15 as she was married by then]

On 16th June 1904 Arthur married Emily Katherine Finch née Jacques, “Kitty” at St Matthew’s, West Kensington.

In 1913 Arthur wrote to Keir Hardie in 1913, on the imprisonment of Hugh Franklin, a suffragist.[3] He defended Mrs Pankhurst and we could probably fill a page with references to his legal work for suffrage.

In 1919 his practice address in the City was 48 Mark Lane EC. In 1921, a little curiously, but no doubt logical within the quirks and customs of the City, he became a member of the Company of Basketmakers in the City of London.

In 1926 he and his wife both attended the dinner and reception held at the Hyde Park Hotel by the Six Point Group to meet Mrs Pankhurst.[4] Also attending that dinner were Mrs Archdale, Miss Glidewell, Miss W. Mayo and Viscountess Rhondda.

Arthur also played a leading role in the social life of the Carlisle diaspora in London.[5]

In 1927 the Marshalls were living at The Old House, Ongar, Essex (noted from register of the P&O’s Narkunda when they sailed from Gibraltar to London).


Alfred and Kitty had moved in 1932 to the village of Sible Hedingham, Essex just prior to the dinner and were active members in the local community. In 1939 their address was Bridge House, Halstead, he by then retired and Kitty styled rather unusually as wife of No. 1 – usually insofar as the 1939 census focused on occupations, not relationships.

Kitty and Arthur Marshall, 29th July 1937[6]
Arthur outlived Kitty by seven years and died aged 83 on 27th April 1954.


[1] From blog website where it is reproduced by kind permission of Chris Jacques.

[2] LSE Library Francis Johnson correspondence re letters to Keir Hardie by AEW Marshall et al accessed 13.2.2018 cannot access now. Will have to investigate


[4] Six Point Group Dinner The Times, 4.3.1926 p17.

[5] Penrith Observer 19.12.1933 and November 1932

[6] From blog website where it is reproduced by kind permission of Chris Jacques.

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